February Update

April 13, 2016

Dear all

We have solved the problem with the gap at the bottom of Sitpack, and now it closes with a nice "snap" each and every time :)

After testing the seat mold on all machines from the smallest to the largest, testing every pressure, injection, and material temperature settings - without any luck - the epiphany came late at night on a Sunday - The solution was to have different temperature running in the different areas of the mold at the same time.

After running the batch 500pcs of 10% fiber filled Sitpacks after Christmas, we cancelled the bulk material order - as we had luck with using a higher percentage of fiber.

The thing with fibers is, that the higher the percentage the stiffer and stronger the product, but only if the fibers are crossed or tangled. If they are aligned vertically, as some of our tests were, the fiber percentage does not increase the strength. We have managed to "tangle" the higher percentage of fibers, and are now satisfied with the feel, look and handling of Sitpack. In week 8, 500 black Sitpacks will be produced and on the 29th of February we will go to the factory to assemble, and soon thereafter the rest of the material, also for the colors, will arrive. The date is still pending - we are waiting for our UK supplier.

We are confident that shipping can commence in March, however, depending on the material delivery. As soon as we know the date, I will post it.

All covers have arrived safely at the warehouse, and we are very satisfied with the results.

Have a great Sunday/Monday

Yours truly
The Sitpack team

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