July update :)

July 17, 2016

Dear All 

In this update:
Shipping status
How to use Sitpack :)
Production Status
Copy Cat in China - The SitWand :)

We have been struggling with shipping, as many of you have experienced, the logistics partner we are using did not live up to our expectations the first 2 month. We are now spending a ton of time following up on shipping mistakes, as well as focusing much of our time on product and shipping inquiries. With some new initiatives in june, shipping has become much smoother and it should continue like this for the last of our orders - of which about 95% are shipped.

User Guide
Please read it :) We are spending a good amount of time explaining whats already on the user guide and in the videos. Here is a exaggerated video of what happens when closing Sitpack when not fully unlocked, which is 99% of the inquiries.  


Just as everything was working smoothly, we had two cooling units that broke in the tools in mid June. They had to be remade - and put us 10 days back in production. We are up to speed again. The Green was shipped from logo print today and will be ready to ship with the last of the orders this, and the beginning of next week along with the Camon. Green and Grey will be discontinued after this batch - and Camo will be made on the Black one for the rest of in 2016.

All colors except the illusive Camo :)
All colors except the illusive Camo :)

Copy Cat
It was bound to happen at some point, and it did. Sitpack has been copied in China and goes by the wonderful name SitWand :) ... We take it as a compliment that some one are investing time an money in making an "replica". Of course, we are now spending time on the finding out how best to deal with it. An interesting process. From our Chinese friends we are told that it is a inferior product, that will just emphasize Sitpacks quality. We have ordered a few and will update soon with a video review. Until then you can check it out here: FAKE SITPACK

We have gotten a few review videos and would like more :) 

Heres one from JEL one of our first an very active backers

From Jimmy in Taiwan

And here, a Korean walk-through from our Korean distributor

Enjoying the outdoors  - Blue in Blue
Enjoying the outdoors - Blue in Blue

Thanks everyone 
Have a great day

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