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Shady parking lot meeting, delay, add'ons etc.

Shady parking lot meeting, delay, add'ons etc.
Hi All. 

I know that the word most reacted to in this title was delay :) ... But, I belive you'll understand why this is needed when you get the product. We were happy with the initial seat that we launched with, but feedback from beta testers has shown that getting the sweet spot for the seat hasn't been achieved with that seat... But now we’re really close. So, the trade-off will be well worth it.  See below. 

NEW Samples have ARRIVED! First impressions: AWESOME. Better than expected!  

I met up with Sitpack's lead engineer, Niklas, in a shady parking lot (we live quite far from each other these days) to check and test the new samples.

The new locks give much more response when locking. A full “click” sound is not achievable with this type of locking but you can easily feel and hear it. Combined with the white lines you can easily see and feel when it's secure. 

The seat is MUCH bigger and MUCH more comfortable - but unfortunately, it's just a wee bit too big/long and gives a “tipping” feel when leaning back. We have provided feedback to the factory, and they’ll try to have 3 different samples ready around the 20th of September. 

Check our test pic's below (tester, 105kg/230lbs. 185cm)
Feedback: New seat is much better, sitting normal, sitting straight up, but leaning back should feel more "firm".  

Also, we got the rubber feet - a huge improvement to the overall feel!   

Add ons will also be sent from our partner on the 20th of Sept. I.e.  

  • Ground Sheet Sample 
  • Insulated cup holder Sample 

When add ons are received and tested the survey will be sent out. Expect the Backerkit survey to be sent out around Oct. 1st. we'll nudge you when it's available. 

10-15.000 units take 60-75 days to make. After 30 days, we can have the first batches ready. 

A new color was unlocked, please see pics below, and answer our doodle.

Current Colors:
- Jet Black
- Lunar Grey
- New color: 

I have also made another doodle, to ask to what extent that you are OK with us improving the seat at the cost of a speedier delivery. Getting a feeling for the majority's feelings will result in better decisionmaking for us going forward.

Picture time: