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Sitpack ZEN - Portable Stool

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Anodized aluminium
Carbon fiber

Sitpack ZEN is an extremely functional one-legged portable stool. It's designed to improve your posture and lets you relax when you need it. It's the toughest, most advanced, and lightest portable seat on the market.

No more bulky chairs or impossible to stow-away seats.

Sitpack ZEN - Portable Stool

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Tim B

I backed this via kickstarter and have been very happy with my carbon fibre model. It is small enough to fit in a waterbottle pocket, and light enough to take most places, even when you don't know if you will need it. While not as comfy as a chair, it is still much better than standing, sitting on the floor, or a rock etc, and far lighter than any chair.

William Pelham

Great product easy to set up and use quality materials I love it thanks

Nick Allott

I was an early adopter of Both Versions of Sitpak and am generally very pleased with both. I know you have had issues with the strength of the Zen and sadly I fell victim to this when one of my two ZEN’s collapsed underneath me at the Glastonbury festival! Much laughter all round and my pride sustained some damage! Don’t know if you are issuing replacements but I will keep supporting you and am looking forward to getting the new seat soon Nick

Anthony Elgan

I've got two of these and I absolutely love them! Every time I pull it out of my backpack when I'm at an event I get a lot of very jealous looks. I volunteer at a few events every year doing security. When you are stuck watching a door or a crowd with nowhere to lean to take some weight off your knees, it becomes a very long day very quickly. In my opinion this should have been covered by insurance when I bought it just like my cane, but either way it was a fantastic investment. I have the aluminum and the carbon fiber one and they have both been awesome. Extremely comfortable and convenient. The only thing it lacks is a business card holder so I can more easily let people know where they can get one too! Out of everything I own, I guarantee you my Sit Packs have been the most coveted by the most people. Fantastic product!!


One of my hobbies is photography, which can involve a lot of waiting. My Sitpack ZEN does its job whether I'm in a parking lot or a field (asphalt or soil). But one thing I theorized about was adding some stability to my shots by making ME the tripod. I'd say it is more comfortable balancing a heavy camera/lens combination when I'm 'sitting' with the Sitpack ZEN. Alternatively, if I'm waiting behind a tripod-mounted camera for the right shot, I'm more comfortable. I'm already nearly standing, so if I need to jump up and respond, I can simply stand and let the Sitpack ZEN drop - without fear it will be damaged. All-in-all, it handles the usual applications well (haven't travelled yet due to COVID-19, but that was another desired application). It helsp with the photography application if only by helping me avoid the fatigue that comes with standing with my camera, and if that makes the shot just a little steadier, it's a bonus beyond the usual "sitting" applications. The one problem I've had is that the rubber-like tip has split. It doesn't seem to have affected the performance, but I don't see replacements on the web site any longer. I'd suggest adding a spare plug/tip to the basic package. After over a year with the Sitpack ZEN, I'm looking forward to receiving my Campster.