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Please refer to the video guide at:

Check that the white marks are aligned and that you can see the horizontal line indicating that the tube is pulled out all the way. If you still can’t see the marks, please refer to below point. If the issue persists, please contact our customer service.

Tubes are not fully extended – please extend them completely. If it is very hard to extend the tubes, please remove one of the screws in the back as described in the guide at:

Every chair has been checked after assembly including setting up the chair. These are just an indication that it has been unfolded ones at the manufacturer, but it has not been used.

Please remove one of the rear screws holding the seat and use the chair a couple of times without the screw. When the seat has stretched a bit, the screw can be mounted again. A too loose seat would make the back support feel soft, but some seats are a little tight. Please also refer to the video guide at:

supportSitpack ZEN

The foot is made of high friction thermoplastic elastomer and can be used on most surfaces including smooth floor, grass, asphalt, gravel and soil. However, a wet and smooth floor can be problematic so be carefull put there, always make sure the foot have a proper grip before you sit.

The size of the foot makes it possible to use Sitpack ZEN on very soft soil without sinking into the ground.

The height can be adjusted from 25cm to 90cm in 5cm intervals. Meaning that you can use it whether you are 4 or 7 feet tall.

Sitpack ZEN: Dimensions: 4.5cm x 4.5cm x 22.2cm; Unfolded: 90cm

Sitpack ZEN-XI | weight: 460g | Weight capacity: 136Kg/300lbs
Sitpack ZEN-XII | weight: 360g | Weight capacity: 136Kg/300lbs

Original Sitpack:Dimensions: W:16.5cm, H:6.3cm; Unfolded: 86cm
Weight: 610g | Weight capacity: 100Kg

The seat with is 37cm/ 1 foot 2.5 in wide, and the strap with is 6cm/2,3in - we are testing if it needs to be wider.

supportSitpack 2.0

Yes, Sitpack is adjustable!
You can adjust your Sitpack in height from 19 cm / 7 inch - 85 cm / 33 inch in 6 increments.

supportThe Company

The Kingdom of Denmark is a small, happy place in the northernmost part of Europe. Denmark, together with Sweeden, Norway and Finland forms the region of Scandinavia.

Sitpack is 100% Danish. Designed, developed and partly produced in Denmark! Just like LEGO, Arne Jacobsen, Sidney Opera House and much more :)


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