OKTO 18-i-1 karabinhage

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OKTO 18-i-1 karabinhage - Titanium


Why we built the Octo - 18 in 1 carabiner multi tool.

When creating the Octo, we imagined the most versatile user scenarios from urbanites to cyclists to wild campers. We wanted to create a multi tool that is useful in any scenario, that's why we chose the carabiner shape - because we are obsessed with combining attaching things together. The second main feature is the modular bit holder which gives the freedom to attach different tools for different purposes. Allowing you to shape it to your lifestyle.

18 tools in 1 toolkit:

  • Includes nail pryer
  • tungsten point window breaker
  • bottle opener
  • nail file
  • key ring hole
  • wire stripper
  • ruler

3-in-1 bit holder compatible with 5/32”, 1/4”, and Leatherman’s special bits

5-in-1 tool on the bottom piece:

  • spoke wrench
  • tire track measure
  • box cutter
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • flat head screwdriver

All in a carabiner frame with lock and spring loaded gate




HMS aka Pear Shaped Carabiner

smaller radius: 3.8cm/1.5in

larger radius: 5.3cm/2.2in

height: 9.3cm/3.6in

10mm frame width

7mm thickness

What is the kN rating of the carabiner?

  • We have yet to do the final testing to provide a kN rating for the carabiner in each of the materials but they are plenty strong to statically hold a 80 kg duffel bag full of gear. Remember, it is not to be used for climbing or as PPE.

Can I use this carabiner for climbing or PPE?

  • No, the carabiner is designed for utility purpose only. Therefor it is not made for climbing or to be used as PPE. Only recreational used. It will not be tested to the standards of commercial climbing equipment and should therefor not be used for this purpose. But we promise that it is plenty strong for your every day needs for holding bags etc. A kN rating for each material might come at a later point when we are testing the production batches.

Is it TSA compliant?

  • Yes, the OCTO multitool is TSA compliant and it is allowed to bring it in your carry on luggage. According to the TSA: "Multi-tools that are less than 7 inches in length that don't contain knives are allowed in carry-on bags." Although, please remember that the final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint. This also apply for items on the not prohibited list.

Take your Octo with you on your next journey and challenge its utility. We want to hear your thoughts so get in touch if you have any feedback!

Diversity with no compromise, our unique bit holder gives you the ability to attach a wide range of bits, or even better, you can easily 3D print any parts you need.

"Our contribution to a better environment, making conscious furniture to enjoy the great outdoors."

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