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The go-anywhere - use anywhere chair. At Sitpack we are all about creating products with multiple usages that are timeless in design and constructed from high-end materials. Read on and be amazed about the features and experience of how THREE legs will provide better seating comfort, manoeuvrability as well as giving stability - and sitting freedom.  

We built a simplistic and minimalistic solution using gravity to unfold, and our own "one-pull" locking system, a system only seen on Sitpack products. 

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ZEN X-Series

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Zen X-Series

The new Sitpack ZEN is the world’s most compact, and functional one-legged chair. Its designed to improve your posture, and lets you relax when you need it, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Made with either carbon or alu tubes, and a ballistic nylon seat, it's the toughest, most advanced and lightest portable seat on the market.

By using Sitpack ZEN at the office and at longer, standing events you are able to train and maintain a good posture, which, in turn, boosts your energy levels, your motivation and your concentration.

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Sitpack Original AKA. Sitpack 2.0

Sitpack’s one of a kind telescopic mechanism allows for extreme compactibility and portability, designed to be quick and easy to use! For the first time ever it's truly hassle free to bring a seat for resting while on the go - fold and unfold it in seconds, and your ready to keep moving...

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Three Variations for different settings