I have tried plenty of folding chairs over decades of camping, but the Campster 2 from Sitpack, is one of the best and certainly the most useful.

There is no assembly of a frame and cover, I just open it up and it is ready to use.The simple set up takes just seconds.

The Campster 2 sits a little higher than some other folding chairs which increases my comfort. The height is ideal for a footstool and my all-metal camping table (Travelbird), to enjoy a coffee and lunch outdoors.

The strong, lightweight fabric seat contains three mesh panels. When the weather is hot, I can feel heat leaving my body through the mesh, cooling me down – it works very well and should not be underestimated in its ability to increase comfort in hot conditions. The optional quilted seat cover fits in seconds and works beautifully to block out the wind and cold, so my chair can be used all year round, no matter what the weather.

After using the Campster 2 many times, I find it to be comfortable, strong and durable, made from quality materials and professional construction. The seat stitching is precise and properly done. It is built to last with a heavy-duty aluminium alloy frame that resists corrosion. Each part fits nicely together with an accurate fit. The feet have soft covers to protect floor surfaces so I can use the chair indoors where there might be carpet or vinyl flooring. The set up is fast and simple.

When I retired, I bought a Helinox Savanna chair with every accessory available, including the attachments to turn it into a rocking chair and the special seat warmers. Lovely chair, but it takes ages to set it all up and needs more space to carry it all. I do not use the Helinox as much because the Campster 2 is up and I am seated before the Helinox Savannah's frame is out of the bag and assembled. In fact, even though I bought the Campster 2 carry case, it doesn't get used much because the chair is being used a lot by me.

This an original product, not a copy, and I have always found original products to be of superior quality and manufacture. The higher price tag is reflected in the stronger frame, better materials, quality control, service, and better construction. I would rather pay extra for a quality product that lasts, than to be constantly replacing cheaper options that break and wear prematurely or are difficult to set up and use and consequently sit on a shelf gathering dust. In the long term they do not work out cheap at all.

My Campster 2 chair was one of the first off the production line and carries an identifying label as proof. Each of the telescopic poles supporting the fabric seat are locked in place with spring-loaded pins. One of the pins would not pop out into the receiving hole. This was due to either a tiny bit of drill filings or extra paint around the hole. 

I used a small Smiths PP1 Pocket Pal multifunction sharpener from my fishing kit with the diamond pointed sharpening steel to act like a reamer. This cleared the obstruction in a few seconds and the pin popped out. To be sure, I used some fishing reel lubricant (containing Teflon) on each of the pins and now it works as smooth as silk every time. It was an easy fix and avoided having to return the chair. (This issue has been fixed, ed. Sitpack) 

Sitpack have a range of accessories for the Campster 2. I bought a carry case, quilted seat cover and a quilted blanket. All are great.


Brisbane, Australia
(This is not a paid ad, or blog post, email from Graham sharing his honest thoughts about the C2) 

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