Campster II

  • 通常価格 $110.00
1-Piece Design
5 sec. unfold
Embracing seat with pockets
Lightweight & easy to pack
300 lbs capacity & 12 inch seat height

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- Ships in our fully recycled carton boxes.

Campster II - Orange


Why we built the Campster II - the most crowdfunded chair in history

We built the Campster 2 taking into account feedback from hundreds of users on the Campster 1 to create the ultimate lightweight and uber comfortable camping chair. Setup in seconds and sit comfortably for as long as you want - thanks to our ergonomic design and 30cm/12" seating height, getting in and out of the chair is super easy.

  • Carry bag
  • Airflow backrest
  • 4 unique add-on loops with reflective bands
  • 2 big side pockets ( Hack: pack the groundsheet in the pocket, when folding the chair)
  • One-piece telescopic design unfold in 5 seconds
  • Removable feet (change/add to Glow in the Dark feet)
  • Ground sheet (buy separately)
  • Bottle holder (buy separately)

Weight: 1.46kg (3.23 lbs)

Weight capacity: 120kg (300lbs)

Folded dimension: 35x8x8cm (13.7x3x3in)

Unfolded dimension: 71x48x48cm (28x19x19in)

Seating height: 30cm (12in)


  • Aircraft aluminum
  • Steel springs
  • POM lock inserts
  • TPE removable feet

Coating specs:

  • powder-coated legs
  • anodised tubes

Do add ons fit in the Carry bag?

Yes, 1 ground sheet and 1 bottle holder will fit in the carry bag.

What is the difference between C1 and C2?

  • C2 = 4 legs instead of C1= 3 legs
  • In C1 we used pins for assembly in C2 we use torq screws, making it easy to take apart, switch out parts, or upgrade down the road.
  • We have made some pretty clever locks for the telescopic tubes for C1, but it was super expensive and not as intuitive as hoped. So on C2, we are doing push button locks. Simple and easy.
  • C1 Seating height is 43cm/17" which is close to a normal chair. C2 is lower 30cm/12in, but more comfortable.

Lightweight Portability

Aircraft grade aluminum and a proprietary collapsible design come together to create a one of a kind product. Perfect for keeping in the car for spur of the moment occasions, or packing out for your next adventure.

Enhanced Stability

A redesigned frame spreads the Campster II center of gravity equating to a more stable, and durable chair. Grass, sand, or gravel, the Campster II remains stable and solid on all surfaces.

5 Second Setup

Campster 2's unique construction means you only need to hold the carabiner and open the velcro. Gravity will open the chair and you only need to pull the 3 corners to have your chair ready.

"Our contribution to a better environment, making conscious furniture to enjoy the great outdoors."



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